Yangon Yangon

haha! That place was awesome. What place? Keep reading… ๐Ÿ˜

*Yesterday we visited the market which is about a good half an hour walk from here. Well, it turned out we went all the way around instead of going straight which halfs the way ๐Ÿ™‚ The market looked pretty much like Blackbush, or the typical Chinese markets in Hungary. It was huge and you could buy literally anything from clothes to jewellery, from tourist relics to beauty stuff. We walked around for a good few hours, tried to find a Myanmar badge for our bag -which we managed to find-, just had a general good look around. We ate some sort of fried food, wasn’t sure what it was but you can see on every single corner, people are actually making and frying them just right there so it’s still all fresh. Even though I couldn’t tell what I was eating, it wasn’t bad at all. After the market we decided that we will see a place called Yangon Yangon which is a nice bar on the top of a very tall tower. It has a nice roofterrace and we wanted to have a drink there. So got back to the hostel, had a shower and off we went to see the place. As we arrived, we got a surprise, we had to pay K10,000/ person just to get in. It included a free drink as well but as we didn’t know about it, we didn’t take enough money in case we wanted an other drink. So we sat down, Rich ordered a beer, I ordered a cocktail, called Tokyo iced tea -if I remember correctly-. It had everything in what a Long Island ice tea has, except it had melon and something else in. It tasted very yummie. As we were sitting down and had a chat, we saw a girl dancing randomly by herself -but she was with a group of 5- and Rich was like ‘she won’t stop all night’. And we laughed. As we wanted an other drink,Rich kindly went back to the hostel to get some more money -cocktail cost K7000, beer was K6000-. While I was waiting I just looked down on the city, reliving how big it is really and had my last drop of Tokyo ice tea. As I looked around, I saw the ‘dancing’ girl sitting by herself but I thought her friends might be at the bar. About 10 mins later, she sat next to me asking if I mind. It turned out those weren’t her friends, she just met them and the waiter ‘kicked’ her out from that booth as it was reserved so she sat next to me. We started talking, she is from Australia, she is in Myanmar for a 3 weeks holiday alone and we just talked and talked until we got kicked out from there as well as it was reserved. We sat by the bar and didn’t have to wait long till Rich arrived. As we had money now, we ordered an other round and just kept talking about travelling, she gave us a clue where to go next, we talked about her job, our job, Australia, all sort. As we talked somehow it came up how shitty the coffee is all around Asia so far, so she told us about this tea house called, Rangoon Tea House and she said, that’s where the best coffee can be found. We talked and had more drinks and laughed a lot. We said goodbye at about midnight and thought maybe see you tomorrow. But you never know…. she said, she met people in one place who then turned up in the next city randomly, so you know…as a backpacker, one thing is sure, you probably will see a few people again on the way. We came back home and went straight to bed knowing where we are going next…*

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