Burma or Myanmar?

When I started to read this, my heart filled with all those greatful memories. Myanmar is a true magical place with amazing people and nature. I hope I’ll be back one day ☺️

*And here we are… in Burma. After 30 hours being awake, we arrived to this little wonder. I still haven’t slept -it’s been now roughly 36 hours- so if my story today won’t make sense… that’s the reason ☺️

Burma is different… as we walked out from the airport in jeans and long sleeve shirts, the heat instantly hit us but it was nice. I felt..finally! We got a taxi, 9 USD but it was a good 40 mins drive. By the way before Instart anything, just a side note, we couldn’t take USD out in China or exchange money to Myanmar Kyat. So we had to take USD out in Bangkok (where we changed flight) and as they don’t do Kyat exchange either, we had to exchange at the Yangon airport.

Myanmar uses Kyat=K. £1 = K1688.38 We exchanged 50 USD, we got about K67,000.

So, where was I? Yes, Burma, also called today Myanmar. As the taxi took us through the city, I felt happy. The view, the people, the smell…like in the jungle. It’s a human jungle in the natural one. Yangon once was a jungle until the British came and used Myanmar’s port as their shipyard. The history is probably more detailed but that’s what I gathered from the receptionist. Anyways, the jungle still kinda here. It’s lush greens and the nice smell you can only have around trees, green,jungle… people smiling back from the street, kids waiving. I instantly fell in love with this whole magical kingdom. Couldn’t stop smiling in the taxi and I was like a little kid just curious about everything I saw. I saw men walking in a skirt looking clothing, which is called the sarong. I was very surprised by the fact that no matter how old they are, they all wear it. Of course you’ll we saw youngsters in more modern clothes but generally speaking, most of them wears sarong which is actually pretty cool. And I’m almost certain, they have nothing else underneath…. 𯘆☺️ The women also wear long skirts, I havent really seen anyone in shorts or skirts with above knee length. But I did see a tourist in shorts and no one bothered so here I am in my shorts ☺️ I know that I can’t go into temples or pagodas only if I have my knee and shoulder covered. But I have a nice sarong looking thing for that in case I need it.

When we arrived to the hostel,I was a bit sceptic. It’s in the middle of everything, on a little street, the entrance looks like a typical poor asian’s house. But as you enter the hostel, it has a bit of a quirky look and the staff is very nice. The bathroom is a bit strange as it’s more like a wet room with the toilet inside as well but after 30 hours I was happy to see water. And it was nice and hot… what else would I need? The rooms are quiet small but our 2 beds are bigger than in the previous one. The room cost £52/ 3 nights on airbnb.

Even though I was tired and just wanted to crash on the bed, we decided to have a bit of a wonder around. Previously I asked our receptionist to show me on the map what we should see. He told me lots of things but I decided to go with a short version today. We started walking towards the night market and we both got surprised by the fact that no one was staring at us. No one really cared that we aren’t them, we are clearly ‘westerners’. The little kids smiled and said hi but we didn’t get those looks… and it was kind of strange but also good.. there weren’t too many of ‘us’, we’ve seen like 3-4 couples. The night market is right by the river and literally whatever they cought on the day, that’s what they are selling. We walked around and around until we decided we will try it. We went to the one had the most guests and we picked God knows what as we really had no clue what they were. Then I picked a big fish. They put all of them on the fire in front of us and when it was done, they served it to us. It was delicious, let’s hope, I’ll feel ok tomorrow ☺️ Dinner cost K5000 (~£2.96 which is nothing) After our lovely dinner, we went to check one of the pagodas from the 2 is by the river. One of them cost K6000/ person so we decided to see that tomorrow. That one is one of the biggest pagoda. A pagoda is a place for Buddhist to keep different Buddha statues and their Buddhist relics. They go and pray to them. We went to a smaller one and there were people already praying to every single statue they had in there. We have to take our shoes off as well as in the hostel before we entered.

So far I love it here. The people are nice and smiley, I feel safe and it’s a very old looking but very natural Burmese city. We are planning to see more pagodas and markets tomorrow and maybe planning some sort of trekking for Saturday.

Have a good evening.*

pictures ás usual ☺️

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