Unplanned meeting


*And an other blog as this day is close to be over. After yesterday’s drinking, I couldn’t sleep too well, which means I couldn’t wake up till like 10am. As I’ve mentioned already, we spent the first 2 hours trying to transfer some money. We already decided, we are going to Bagan tomorrow morning. It’s about a 10 hours trip, spend there a day and then continue up north to Inle Lake. We probably spend 2 days there,have maybe a bit of a trekking and then come back south to the little islands of Myanmar. As we discussed yesterday, our first trip today lead us to the Rangoon Tea House which is about 20mins walk from here. As we entered the very western tea shop, the first person I saw was Sarah, the girl from yesterday evening. We sat next to them -she was with an English girl she just met- and we finally ordered some coffee. Well, Richard as I was fancy some real coconut water. We had some really nice duck empanadas and I had some rice with spicy chicken with a fried egg on top. We sat there for 2 hours or so, talked about everything and we also decided to have a date with Sarah tonight at an other bar she has never been in but heard good things about it. I noticed yesterday that I got a stamp on my entry ticket to Yangon Yangon and I got the same stamp on our bill today. It turns out, it’s a stamp for goverment tax as they do tax everything. And to keep it legit, they stamp it on everything you purchase (as in every bill). The 2x cappuccinos, the coconut water, duck empanadas and the rice all together cost about K19,700 plus the tax, almost K23,000.

It was a bit of a shock to be in a modern place like that surrounded by westerners and then you enter again this completely different world as you walk out the tea house. As we pretty much walk everywhere, we can see the real life of Yangon and one thing really cought my mind; no one begs. There are kids and adults sitting on the street, eating on the street, living their simple every day life on the street, they see us ‘white people’ walking on the same street and not even one person came to ask for money. Sarah thinks it’s because Myanmar just opened its doors to tourism not long ago and they aren’t at their state yet when they think of begging. They don’t know yet that we probably would give them.., she thinks, they will get there at some point. Thankfully, they aren’t there yet -it’s if they will ever get there-.

We bought our bus ticket for tomorrow morning for K34,000/ both of us,one way. It leaves at 7.30am and will be there about 5.30-6pm. We have to leave from the hostel at 5am as we have to be there by 7am and apparenly traffic can be a bit funny. So here we are, going out tonight but can’t get crazy….

We walked to a lake which was about 40 mins away and just walked a lot around this fairly big lake. It was hot… I mean, boiling hot,I kept sweating and my hands, legs and face just got stickier and stickier. As I felt like I’m about to melt, local people walked pass by in long sleeve shirts, I realised, this is their winter and we are just so not used to this heat and humidity, it’s always gonna be hard for us. As we walked quietly, I was wondering if I could ever be a solo traveller -seeing Amy, the English girl and Sarah-. But then I realised… I wouldn’t ever go alone. -well, as we all know now,I did go alone this year,didn’t like at all ☺️- I’m not afraid to admit, I need the company, the assurance someone is there if I need it. I never quite understood why would anyone want to go alone.. I mean, yes I do understand as I can see myself how easy it is to meet and talk to people but as we described earlier today with the girls, it’s like speed dating. You meet people who come and then they go..you always have to say your goodbyes, you always lose someone. But if you travel with a company,even though you still do say goodbye, you do have that 1 person…

We went out to meet Sarah at a bar called 7th joint. Had 3 cocktails,we got a bit tipsy and as we have to get up st 5am,we left at midnight.*

What I never wrote down is that as Sarah got really drunk and we wanted to get home, we didn’t wait for her to say our goodbyes just left. Next day I emailed her and as she didn’t reply, I emailed her 3x more times. I did apologise in email but she never replied back. She either gave me the wrong address or she was really angry as we left her without saying goodbye. We never talked again.

Put some pictures up ☺️

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