Bagan,Bagan….what a magical place ☺️ Still remember the beautiful scenery

*Hey, I’m so sorry for the delay but we’ve been travelling. Yesterday we left Yangon to go to and ancient village, Bagan. “During the kingdom’s height between the 11th and 13th centuries, over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed in the Bagan plains alone, of which the remains of over 2200 temples and pagodas still survive to the present day.” -Wikipedia That’s why we came here for. To see these pagodas and temples. We’ve seen quiet a few of them, but there are lots of them closed as Bagan is located in an active earthquake zone. Today,’only’ 2229 temples and pagodas remain. They are trying to re-build as many of them as they can but due to lack of equipment and people who know how to do it exactly, it’s a bit slow. So we arrived yesterday about 3-4pm, got to the hostel (which was fantastic) and of course headed out to check what to see. On the way here in the taxi we already saw the hundreds of mini temples and ruins but as we stayed in ‘new Bagan’, it’s not right next to us. We didn’t do too much yesterday apart from a bit of walk around and dinner at a great restaurant. Today we woke up at 4.30am, YES, you read it correctly… as the other reason why people visit Bagan is the beautiful view spots to see sunrise and sunset -from a top of a temple-. As we didn’t rent an e-bike which is basically an electric scooter -AWESOME-, we had to walk. 1 hour…at 4.30am… I was dead but also excited. As we got there it turned out, we should have brought our card (of course it had to be us not bringing it) which we had to pay for (K25,000/ person) when we entered the archeological zone of Bagan. Without that, no one could go up to the temple. I was gutted so Rich said let’s go around, at least see it from the front of the temple. And guess what? There was an entry on the side, where no one was checking tickets. We went up straight to the top and got the best view anyone can ask for. As I took a thousand pictures and I can only upload here 150/ month, I made collages but if you’d like to see the full ones, I put everything up in Facebook. -You can see them now in the media-  It was beautiful. And from the other side of the city, they send hot air balloons up just as the sun is up on the sky. Magical I have to tell you… it was definitely worth the very early wake up. Hope you will think the same when you see the sunrise above the hundreds of pagodas and temples. After this magic, we went back to the hostel and had a little nap. We checked out and went to rent one of this fantastic e-bike, EVERYONE drives this or a scooter or a smaller motorbike. And then.. off we went discover this beautiful ancient area. It’s not much to tell, there are hundreds of these temples and ruins and pagodas, we couldn’t check all of the, out but went in a few ones. All of them has a sort of a Buddha statue, bigger,smaller, whatever fits inside. But basically all of them has almost the same. I took some pictures but you will see, not much difference apart from sizes and how it sits. We had some late lunch and went to find the place we can watch the sunset. We found a great place but unfortunately by the time we got there, we JUST missed the sunset. But never mind, it was never even that closely beautiful as sunrise. ☺️

Today we also bought a bus ticket to Inle Lake which is our next stop. We leave in about 10 mins, and we will get there by tomorrow morning around 6am. I do hope they let us check in.

Bagan is a fantastic little place, it’s in the middle of the ‘jungle’ which means there are greens,palms and the nice smell everywhere -except where there is dirt and sand 𯘊-. Some of the part we got in today looked like a village in a village. Basically the locals built their own little place they can live, away from the touristic places. And it’s very cute with the little straw top houses and the obvious look of an ancient mini village. The kids were waving and saying hi all the time, it was nothing like the cities we’ve seen.

Let’s rock on Inle Lake, hope we will have the same experience. Oh,and guess what? I did get some tan today…𯘊☺️ However, as always -which is very annoying- I got my arm burnt in a really stupid shape…. and my legs got absolutely destroyed by little shitty mosquitoes. It’s very itchy and annoying.. but I’ll get over both things ☺️*

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