I’m back

Finally I’m back to reality. Sometimes I wonder how long I have to leave for to see changes. I came back after a month -but even after 3 months last year,it was the same scenario- and it’s the same music in the radio,the same tv shows, same shops selling the same things,people have the same problems… like I never left. I wonder if If leave for 6 months,would I see any changes? Maybe I’d need a year or more? How about my friends? Have they changed or are they the same? Have I changed? Last time I told you how I change when I come back from my travels. I arrived back today with many ideas (of course) but I can’t tell you how many of these ideas I’ll fulfil or even start to do something with.. I go back to work tomorrow and I know for sure there are plenty changes happened since I left. But all changes are good? Probably not. Will this one be good? I can tell you very soon.
But since I won’t go anywhere for a little while,I thought I could write you about my travels last year. Norway and SE Asia (all around except Laos and Singapore). I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ll put up my journal day by day to re-live the whole trip. It was a year ago… prices,tours,some info might have changed. Maybe we need a year to change… maybe more. I don’t have that sort of experience. But maybe one day…

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