My travels vs. Reality

Every time I go away travelling -no matter how long for- I always come back with a changed mind. Travelling gives me positive energy that makes me feel I can change the whole world. I always have these plans in my mind and it’s always very strong. For a while… then I come back and reality hits me. And that’s when all these ideas and dreams disappear. Until the next travel. The longer I’m away for,the stronger my desire is to do something meaningful,something special, something new I just ‘picked up’ from my travel. It’s like a hype,like driving a very fast car or jumping off the cliff for an adrenalin junky. Let’s have an example; when I was in South America,I had the strong feeling,I need to learn Spanish. For days I was looking into courses and checked every possibility. Of course I didn’t do much about it after I got back to work. Today I still have the desire to study something with marine biology… it just took me. When I’m in the water,seeing all those creatures,I just want to know what’s what,to understand them better. Well,I always wanted to re-born as David Attenborough, so it ain’t a big surprise 😊. This is also the time normally when I look into different type of jobs which could give me the opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time. But again.. I get back to work and 2 days later all my travels,all my lovely memories start to fade. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my job and I like and respect the people I work with but sometimes it feel as my real world sucks the magical world into itself.
But no matter what or how long I have been back for, one thing is a very permanent change I noticed. The way I connect with people. Especially when I’m back to the big inevitable reality. Today I smiled at an older man at the airport as I was passing by and he gave me a very warm smile. At that moment that smile was everything to me. It was genuine and kind. Give a smile and you’ll get one back. I’m almost sure,this connection is stronger when you travel and learn to respect different cultures, different type of people. When I arrive to a country instead of staring at people who might be dirty or eating differently or behave in a way that could disturb you for a second, I just accept them. The way how they are. And no matter what they do,how they look like or how they live, I just give them a warm smile to show respect and I will get one back. Or not. But still,trying is worth it. There is a power in a smile,that’s for sure. Maybe try once… just smile at a stranger as you walk along the street, sit on a bus or having a coffee in a cafe.
Perhaps not everyone is having the same feelings I do, we are very different I know. But that’s the beauty of it. The beauty of travelling, to learn something new, to discover.

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