Re-live a bit of Dublin

I went back to work today. And I have to tell you, it’s always a good feeling when people notice you weren’t there. It means you count. There are changes but you won’t know if they are good or bad until these happen.

As I promised, please read my journal from a year ago which started with Dublin. Read this journal back gives me so much memories, like it all happened yesterday. I’m actually looking forward to read back all my stories from Dublin via Norway all the way to SE Asia. Enjoy! ☺️

*Everybody is travelling for a different reason. Some people do it to see places, some to get out from the everyday life, there are the ones who do it for party and also the ones who have too much money to spend on anything else. I describe myself as an adventurous traveller. Don’t really like big cities, I rather go to see the seaside, the mountains, the woods, jungles, anything involves nature. I like adventures, jungle trips, zip lining, trekking, sleeping in tents. I’ve done many of these as most of you already know but this is a very new chapter in my life. I’m visiting an ‘area’ in the world which has a very different culture that I’ve seen or tried before. That is the story I’ll tell all of you who reads this journal. Please forgive me if my English is not always 100%, I’m sure you’ll get the just of what I want to say. I read it not long ago that writing a book is almost like getting naked in front of people… well, it’s not a book but it’s very close so here I am, getting absolutely naked giving out all my feelings and all sort of moods in this journal.

But before I start my big trip, I also visited 2 other countries which I won’t detail as much but still write a bit about as they bring close and nice memories back.

My first trip I’m about to write down is: Dublin.

I came here with a very special and good friend of mine, Veronika who drags me to all sort of places whenever she has time and money to do so. Not sure if I’d have ever picked Dublin myself but I’m glad she did. We spent 3 days here and it was the laziest 3 days in my life -good I’m about to have 3 months less lazy time-

The first day we went to hit the city, got on a tram for Veronika’s biggest joy and headed to meet a good friend of hers. Walking in the freezing cold, I had all sorts of thoughts and opinions about what I saw. Maria, Veronika’s friend is an over 60 years old very nice and lively lady. She is full of with fun and energy. We’ve had a chat about a friend of hers who lost her life very recently. She woke up one day with a headache then passed away a few days after with a stroke. It made me think… life is so short, it can end any time. So let’s make the most out of it. I am not living for work, I work to live and be able to see as much as possible.

We ended up our day going into Ann Summers… with a 60 odd years old lady… we checked all the newest vibrators, looked at sexy outfits and it wasn’t Maria who felt a bit nervous.. she was in her element. One thing is sure… I want to be like her when I’m at her age 😁

There are few things about Dublin you need to know if you decide to visit:

– there is a card which you can use for all public transport for 72 hours; it cost €20 and you can purchase it on the airport

– the Irish pub crawls are the BEST!!! everywhere live music -we checked out a few- and they are all great and very cozy

– the Irish are very hardworking people! Every single pub or restaurant we went in, 80% of the staff was Irish.. I really liked this fact, even though I couldn’t understand a word they said

– Irish English is very difficult to understand

– there is a thing in the middle of the centre of Dublin called ‘The Spire’ -looks like a knitting needle- and it’s a very good meeting point

– it seems that all pub called ‘Temple Bar’ in the centre

It’s a nice city but probably wouldn’t live here -except for the every day live music 𯎶 –

I had to say goodbye from Veronika and I headed to my next destination, Norway where I’ll spend 6 days.*

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