First day in Paradise

We arrived to Waisai yesterday afternoon. Firstly we went to a girl who Harry contacted as a couchsurfer. We are staying at hers for free. Conveniently she works at a tour office so we spent about 2 hours at her workplace waiting for her finish time. We gathered some info in the meantime as what we would want to see. Let me tell you something about Raja Ampat. Since this place is basically has the biggest biodevirsity on the earth,lots of people,mainly divers are coming here to see the beauty it has to offer. Petrol prices are extremely high here which causes very high priced boat trips. There is no food shops in any of the islands,locals have to come to Waisai to get food and then take it back to the islands. That means very expensive home stays. There aren’t too many resorts around these islands but the ones are here are extremely expensive,luxury dive resorts. Basically,Raja Ampat is fairly expensive for even a non-backpacker,let alone someone like me. But I always wanted to come here since the first time I heard about this amazing place. Flights are going to Sorong and then a ferry goes from Sorong either to Waisai or Misool. And that’s the easy part. From Waisai then you pretty much have 2 choices. You either hire a private boat to go to an other island which starts from IDR 6,000,000 up to IDR 20,000,000 per boat. The other option that you find a tour and the prices could be the same but since there are more poeple to share with,prices can go down and also there is normally less time to see things. Since I came here with Harry who I pay everything for and Katherine who couldn’t pay the boat and I offered to do it as I would do it even if she wasn’t here,we need to find the cheapest option. I only have 7 million for all boats and that isn’t much for 10 days. Accommodation – homestay starts from IDR 200,000/night/person which is again way over budget. So we decided,we will camp in a tent on beaches of the islands. Now the question is,how are we going to get there? We decided that instead of taking only 1 big tour and see only 1 thing and then just stuck on 1 island,we should find someone to take us directly to Pyanemo (which has one of the most beautiful view) and then on the way back stop at Arborek (which is a tiny gorgeous island where we can swim with manta rays) instead of going all the way back to Waisai. We would spend 2 nights on Arborek and then ask a local to take us to the nearby Gam island and finally after a night or so there ask someone to get to Kri. Kri is again a beautiful islandand we would spend 2 nights there and then somehow back to Waisai. Our host told us yesterday that she knows someone who would go to Pyanemo today and he already has 2 guests so we would only need to pay IDR 900,000/person. Unfortunately though,we woke up today at 5.45 and she said the 2 other people cancelled so the guy isn’t going. I was very disappointed but she also mentioned that we could join her and her team tomorrow to see a cave and then to go and visit a proper Papuan village. Since there isn’t any other option yet,we really are considering it. Then we could try to leave to Pyanemo and then Arborek on a Monday.

For this news we literally went back to sleep after she left to work and didn’t wake up till like 11am. We were absolutely exhausted. The weather was amazing and hot which is a good sign,we hope to have that every day,especially when we are camping on the islands. Camping also tricky here cos we need to ask the village head on every island if they are happy for us to camp.

In the afternoon we went to the local market to buy some more food for the next few days. We bought rice,lentils,some veg,eggs,banana for our porridge. We had a little walk about,tasted a sweet delicacy from a man who sells them on the street. It tastes like fluffy coconut pancakes. It taste amazing and it was only IDR 1000/pancake. It’s a nice little town but I really want to see nature 😊

Our host’s house is very basic,very simple,we are sleeping on the floor on a mattress but hey,it’s for free 😊 She is a very nice person and the surroundings of the house is amazing! Banana trees everywhere,birds flying around and in the evening we fall asleep to the sound of many frogs 🐸 I can’t wish any better for now.

As we came back Katherine and Harry had a little nap and I was watching tv and talking to the host. As I was starting to write today’s story,a huge spider came into the room. That’s when a Katherine woke up and now,she is the spider catcher 😁 It took some time but she did it and we let it go in the wild.

Hopefully we start to see and experience things as of tomorrow and will see the magic everyone talks about,the magic I saw on pictures 😊


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