Before we left to Raja Ampat

Yesterday we had what I call: the negotiation day. Due to fairly bad weather, we didn’t do much. However, Una (our host) told us she has a friend who could maybe help us with the boat to Pyanemo. We were actually very stressed out about the fact if we can leave the next day or can’t. Late afternoon Brian arrived. I think God must have sent him cos I am in Arborek writing this journal now. But let me start from the beginning. As I mentioned before, due to high benzine prices boat trip or even just a boat ride cost as much as from 6million up to 20million rupiah. When Brian came we explained him that we have little money and we can’t pay 6million. The thing is, I could. But our plan is: go around Pyanemo and see the view, the star lagoon and just the surrounding. Then go back to Arborek which is a tiny island, spend 2 nights there and then pay for the boat ride to Gam island, spend 2 nights there and finally get a boat ride to Kri and spend 2 nights and then back to Waisai. That means, apart from the 6million to Pyanemo and Arborek, I still have to pay for 3 more boat rides and I don’t actually know how much they cost exactly. I’m hoping we can pay 3x 500,000 so that would make it 1.5 million for the 3 boat rides. So I don’t want to pay 6million cos then I have to still pay 1.5million and that’s 7.5 million which I don’t have.
After talking to Brian, he said 4 million. Then he went down to 3.5 and we could negotiate to the final price which is 3million with a 3motored boat.That price is amazing! We were so happy, we decided to invite Una and her friends for dinner to say thanks you for everything she has done or gave us. They chose the place which was a local little restaurant. We were there for hours and just had chats about everything. Una is Muslim and she wears the hijab but her friend, Olivia is a Christian. They live together like normal people and it’s amazing how 2 different religion can be just fine to live together and be friends. People should learn from them. Una is a great girl. She is my age, she has a couchsurfing site and she more than happy to take anyone to help discover Raja Ampat. You wouldn’t believe she is Muslim, she is so open to the world. She doesn’t wear hijab at home and she is so sweet.
During the day she showed us her garden. She’s got papaya tree (and the fruit from it is just insanely sweet and amazing), mango tree, lemongrass, water spinach, ginger, turmeric and lime tree. She planted all of them and she says, she doesn’t need to buy lots of things cos she has it all ☺️. Her garden is fantastic. After dinner (which was extremely spicy but the cassava was amazing), we went back ‘home’ and fell asleep getting ready for the big day. We decided to split the bill with Katherine and we payed IDR 240,000 all together inc 7000 tips. That’s not bad at all for 4 main courses, 1 starter, 3 teas and 2 coffees.

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