Next stop,Raja Ampat

After so many difficulties lately I’m on the way to paradise. The last 2 days I’ve spent at Harry’s home and I felt like I’m trapped. It’s nobody’s fault but sitting at the same place for 2 days… that’s not me. We went to have a coffee on my last evening in Gorontalo which was a blast as I haven’t had any proper coffee since I left England. I normally don’t drink coffee but ainreally has the urge to have one 🙂 Yesterday at 10am we left Gorontalo by car. It’s a really strange sort of transport because it isn’t  a bus but a 6 seater car. Depending where you sit,the prices are different. So the back seat which is the worst since all the luggage are there is IDR 125,00, the middle seat is IDR 175,00 and the only front space next to the driver is IDR 200,000. Since we didn’t have much choice,Katherine and Harry sat in the middle and I had the front seat. Soon enough I realised,I’m probably having the best place possible. The road through the mountains are going left right left right left right and the driver drive like crazy so my stomach was constantly in my throat. We stopped for lunch half way through at a little restaurant just by the main road. They had a buffet type of food and for IDR 30,000/ person you could eat pretty much anything. There was rice,chicken,fish,vegetables,tempe and some sort of soup and pumpkin. The whole trip took 11 hours. We stayed in Manado,at Harry’s cousin. It was a very simple but very sweet little home and the host was really nice and sweet. We had to leave at 5am,gotbsome brekkie (rice and fried egg) before we left to an hour trip to the airport by car. It cost IDR 100,000/car. Our flight left at 8am but before we took off I wanted to take some money out. Again,I had some fun with my bank as I had to call them (it was 10pm in the UK) since every ATM declines my card. It turned out I had a very high security on my card so it took me 16mins (£2/min) to sort it out. Again,my luck… finally we got to Sorong where we leave to Raja Ampat from. After walking a bit,had lunch at a road restaurant (IDR 15,000/person for rice,egg,vegetables and fried noodles),shopped food for our camping and then we took a yellow mini bus (public transport) to the harbour. Except that the IDR 5000/person didn’t take us to the harbour so we took an other one for IDR 50,000/bus which took -and aim not kidding- 5mins drive. 5 mins drive for 50K! It’s a joke. So if you are ever there,just walk that 15-20mins. If we would have known it’s that close… anyway. At the harbour we purchased our ferry tickets to Waisai, IDR 125,000/person no matter which class you buy or if you are a ‘bule’ or a local,all the same. Now we are sitting on the ferry which takes us to a Waisai which supposed to be the starting point of Raja Ampat. We will coach surf there for 1 or 2 nights and will get as much info about the cheapest way to the places we want to go as possible. I hope there will be some signal,so I can update you all.

in the meantime,let’s see the last paradise 😊

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