Last day in Togian

Yesterday was all about travelling. We had to get the boat ready to give back to the key owner and then go back to Wakai. We then decided to go to see a cute little waterfall. We walked there which was an easy and quick walk after we got dropped by a motorbike just the outskirt of the village. The waterfall is a very small one and at first when we arrived I wasn’t sure if I want to swim but then I thought,I won’t possibly come here ever again so what the hekk. And I took a deep breath and went in the iced cold water with Harry. Heri and Edi joined about 10mins later. It was very refreshing and actually very nice. It was inside the ‘jungle’ surrounded by trees,rocks and all sort of jungle stuff. We spent about half an hour there. As soon as we got back,we had some lunch and rushed to the ferry. Got the tickets and the mattress,same price as before and got our place. After we left the harbour we went on the deck and I was just sitting there for hours and just stared at the big blue. And my head started to work and had million thoughts but I won’t bore you with that. At some point we could see dolphins swam in the far distance. We watched the sunset and went back to our mattress. I then tried to fall asleep while Harry was watching one of my movies.

We arrived to Gorontalo at about 2am,got picked up by Harry’s neighbour and came back home. It took me about an hour to fall asleep and I woke up at 8.30am today morning. The plan is to go and see Katherine,take money out and maybe have a proper coffee somewhere. I finally could upload some photos which I took over the Togian trip. It’s under media. Enjoy 😊

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