A different way of relaxing

This morning I slept the longest. I woke up at 9am, I was probably exhausted from what happened yesterday. We had a chat with Harry yesterday and the way he wants to help me is that he said I don’t have to pay the second part of his guide money,which would be IDR 1,500,000. I said I’ll think about it but he is really adamant.

After brekkie which was noodles (I don’t think I could ever get used to eat rice and noodles for brekkie) we actually started floating with the house. We went to see a beautiful coral reef just by the woods so imagine we had visible corals underneath, palm trees and a jungle on land and just the sea all around us. Perfect way to do nothing. So I used every moment of it. I was just sitting and watching the water for quite a while,I was reading, finished my first book and read half of an other one and as usual I was having chats with Harry. I even had a little  nap on the wooden floor 😊 We had lunch,rice,tomato salad and water spinach with some egg. The boys were jumping in the water just enjoying what nature gave us. I so wanted to snorkel but silly us forgot the masks…

You know when you are in such a tranquil place,you can’t help but think; could you live like this? And I was switching back and forward between I miss my ‘normal’ life and maybe just staying here,cos it’s easier,simpler,stresses.. my brain never stops thinking at a normal place and day,imagine now with such quietness.. I was re-thinking everything. My life,my job,my friendships, everything. And I didn’t get anywhere,didn’t get smarter 😁.

About 6-7pm we stared to get the house back to the village,we had bats flying in and out from the house,it was so good. It seems impossible that bad things happen here like yesterday. People I met so far seem to be so kind and genuine,its still hard to believe the bad happens here too. But I guess it’s everywhere. I promised myself,I’ll only look at the bright side of the things and will only remember the good people here,which won’t be that difficult cos it’s so many of them.

Its dinner time,today Hari and Edi is cooking which is unusual but we got some fried eggs,rice and of course,water spinach. We had our usual evening talks with Harry and we talked about opening business in a western country,the difficulties it brings, we talked about cars and also his previous business he had. We talked about Papua New Guinea, he told me how the kids are being brain washed there about Indonesia. They tell kids that Indonesia isn’t part of Papua and they almost compare it with a western country. There are hundreds of tribes still and more than half don’t even know the meaning of money since they still live like wild people. Some of them are actullay quite dangerius and they still have cannibalism there. Interesting… Papua won’t be my first choice of travelling for a while 😊

Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll take every day as blast because that’s the only way you should encounter travelling.


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