The home of Gods

It was a very early start,we got up at 6am, packed, visited the bakery for breakfast and headed to the port. As soon as we got on the ferry, we found those nice recliner chairs and fell asleep for 3 hours. As the ferry stopped at Naxos and more people got on, they started to check the tickets. Since we bought economy ones, we couldn’t be there so they sent us either to the restaurant or outside on the deck. Of course by this time it was absolutely full so after 10mins wondering around with big backpacks, we finally found a table next to a girl on the deck, with the biggest wind. I tried to sleep again but it was very difficult as it’s fairly loud out there. We stopped at Paros and people left so we got ourselves a different table but it didn’t seem much better. So if you would do the same as us, don’t go for the chairs, go for a good spot in either of the restaurants or cafes before it gets too full.

Our ferry was over 9 hours instead of the 7 it says online. We got off at about 3-3.30pm. We needed to find the metro line to get to our hotel. Metro ticket cost €1.40/ person and it’s good for any transportation but only for 90minutes. We had a few stops, maybe 20 minutes and we got off at Thissio and from there it is literally 5 minutes walk to Pella Inn, our lovely hostel. We stayed in a 6 dorm room which cost about €15/ night/ person. The hostel looks a bit crappy from outside but inside is different. The rooms are cute, no lockers inside but you can purchase a key for €1 and use your own locker outside of the room. It has a rooftop terrace and honestly, if nothing else, book it for the terrace. It has the most incredible view to the Acropolis, it’s almost like you can touch it with your hand and during the night when it’s lit up, it is absolutely fantastic!! You have a welcome shot of cherry flavoured ouzo on the first day when you enter the terrace. Drinks are fairly cheap and they have happy hours on cocktail from 7pm till 9pm. €5/ cocktail. They have really cool beanbags and small wooden tables to chill at and they have beer pong if that’s what tickles your fancy.

But let me get back as we arrived. We straight put our stuff onto the beds and in the locker and headed out to the city. The first thing we wanted to do was to eat as we were absolutely starving (ferry food is quite expensive and not so good or big).as we crossed the street, we found the first restaurant, 3 course lunch with either wine or soft drink for €15/person. And it was actually very good. Greek salad, souvlaki and some strange dessert 😁 As soon as we finished we ventured around. It turns out, we stayed at the coolest area, around the famous flea market. Oh Gosh, they sell EVERYTHING!! But it’s pretty cool just to walk around the tiny streets where every inch of the wall has its own graffiti, people asking you to visit their shops, but in a nice way. It has its own, unique atmosphere. There is a nice square as you walk in where you can fins 2 restaurant/bars with rooftop. We tried the one called 360 and it has a pretty cool view. The closer view to the Acropolis is for people who eat and the bit further part is where you can have a cocktail. The view is still amazing. Cocktails are around €10. We continued walking around after we finished our drink, we found a cute church and a nice sweet shop where we tasted the Greek baklava and kataifi. Before we headed back to the hostel, we stopped at a bar literally 3 mins away from the hostel. It has happy hour on cocktails every day from 6pm till 9pm. The ladies are very funny, Alex is absolutely fantastic (blond, frizzy haired lady). We continued drinking in the hostel till the later hours. We got our first welcome shot and we moved to G&T’s that cost €3.50. We had some chats and more drinks and before we went to sleep, we had a nice garlic pita bread. Great finish of the day.

My last day travelling in Greece we spent on wondering around the Acropolis, visiting a fun museum and listening to live music. Since we had a long night, we woke up very late… we got ready and ventured towards the Acropolis. Before we got there, we had our lunch which was as simple as a gyros for only €2.50 but it was very delicious and filling. It takes a good 20mins to walk up to the ticket office from the hostel. Entry fee is €20/ person. From November is half price. I’ve been there once about 15 years ago and I have some memories about it but seeing it now, being more interested in history and culture, it is pretty amazing. There are a few buildings that has been kept standing for centuries and they are huge as you walk by them. The massive columns as you enter the magnificent Acropolis, is breathtaking. Since we didn’t have any tour guides, we had to read about Acropolis and it’s life by ourselves. For you here is some info from the internet:

After the history walk, we decided to go and see the Museum of Illusions which is real fun couple of hours. Entry fee cost €9/ person and you can spend a few hours here. It is very funny and it gets your brain and senses work. We had an amazing time there. Please have a look at their website.

As the day has pretty much gone, we felt hungry again. This time we visited a very nice restaurant that has a rooftop and tables looking to the Acropolis. We had some Greek hummus (made of beans) with pita bread and a giant plate of kebab, salad, tzatziki and more pita bread. It was €8 for the main and it definitely did the job. We left after sunset. 

As we knew there is a live music starting at 9pm at our happy hour place, we had a little walk around the market again, got some long sleeves (wind can be chilly by the evening) and ordered drinks getting ready for the ‘show’. The guys started to arrive at 9pm, did some sound check but they didn’t actually start to play until 10pm… we already gone through a few drinks till they finally started. They were amazing. I’d love to tell you their names but it was written in Greek and that’s a strange bunch of letters… 😁😁 They played traditional Greek music for a while (guitar + sing, drum and violin). Later they did a few mixes of great English songs and then closed it with more Greek songs. We really enjoyed it. 1 thing though which they didn’t tell us, because of the live music, they charged an extra €3/ drink. On every drink… so the free live music turned into a paying one. Luckily we only had 1 drink when it started so the rest we got for the happy hour price, €5.

As we felt very full and it wasn’t too late, we had a last walk around the market but this time, it was all closed. It’s really nice and different when the shops aren’t open and no one stops you. You can see clearly all the graffitis, it did look nice and quiet.

Of course we had a drink up at the terrace too, as my last night, I wanted to see the Acropolis lit up once more. What a fantastic view and what a great last memory of my trip in Greece.

On the day of my flight, we had a quick breakfast, a last meal in Greece together. I then got my backpack ready and headed to the metro station. If you are going to the airport, tickets are €10 to the airport. Apparently there is a bus for €6 but I didn’t know where it was and I didn’t have time to look for it. Maybe you can research before you fly. The metro takes you there in about 40-45mins and then you literally just walk in. There is an A and B terminal, just check on the board your flight and also the gate. I went in to the wrong part of the airport. It was A but wrong numbers… so I had to be escorted out by a nice gentleman 😁 After I found my right area, I got to my flight and after being half an hour late we set off to be back to my ‘normal’ life…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short travel, I promise there will be more. If you have any question or comment, please contact me. ☺️

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