Amorgós and the sunken ship

The ferry to Amorgós got there by 1.30pm. Amorgós has 2 ports, Katapola and Aigiali. We stopped at Katapola but had to get to Aigiali as our ferry to Athens is leaving from there. Mieke has checked the bus schedule online and it said there is a bus at 2.15pm to Aigiali. We went to the bus stop -which is only 5 mins walk- just to find out that as of the 16th September (exactly the day we were standing there) they changed the schedule and the next time a bus leaves is at 4.30pm. As we were standing there thinking how can we get there, a girl joined us. She wanted to go to the same place as us so we agreed to share a taxi. If there would be any…. we walked for a good 20mins but nothing. I walked into a cafe and asked them if there is any way to get a taxi. The guy said, it’s just after the bridge. Well, that’s the place where the bus stop is and there was no taxi. But since we had no other choice, we went back and tried to find one. Nothing,no boat going, we had to wait. We decided to have some drinks then and that’s exactly what we did. Had a few drinks until 4.10pm when we walked back to the bus stop and took the bus. We got there about half an hour later or so. As we got off, we agreed with the French girl that we meet her for dinner.

Our hotel is the Hotel Palagos, very nice, our balcony looked at the sea, it was very pleasant. We weren’t in the rush really, we got ourselves ready, had a drink on our cute,little balcony and headed to the village. We found a place where after 7.30pm they serve food up in their roof terrace, so we took that. It’s a very nice little restaurant, food was great, we all had something very typical. Madeline and I had Greek sausage with stuffed pepper and tomato and Mieke had goat stew with potatoes. We ate so much I felt I’m gonna pop. But we still wanted to have some drinks, so we went to the end of the beach where is an other cute restaurant literally on the beach and we had a drink. Since we were all pretty full, we couldn’t have more than that so we decided to go back to sleep. Food was about €8-9/ person plus drinks. A G&T is about €8 while a beer is €3-4. With all the food and drinks in the first restaurant we had a bill of €49 so we just split it even.

Next morning we had a big day. We decided with Mieke we are going to rent an ATV or quad and drive around the whole island to check the things we researched earlier. The things we wanted to see are

  • abandoned sunken ship (The wreck of Olympia) on the beach in Kalotaritissa
  • Agia Anna (an amazing beach where the water is absolutely crystal clear to swim)
  • Hozoviotissa monastery which has a very dramatic cliffside location and sweeping views of the Aegean Sea

We had a different idea of what we visit first the previous day but on Monday morning we decided differently. We first got our ATV from nearby the bakery, we think that’s he only shop the place has. It cost €30/ ATV and both of us could fit. This was the slightly bigger one with a bigger engine. The smaller cost €25 but it would have been too small for us. After a little introduction to the ‘machine’, off we went and what we changed is that instead of stopping in different places, we drive to the ship wreck first which is the end of the island and on the way back stop to see the rest. Before we headed towards the ship, we had to put petrol in the ATV. We talked it full and payed €20 but by the end of the day it only lost 1 little bar so we could have done it for half as much… just a suggestion. 

You can imagine the beautiful view we drove through. It was pretty much a coastal ride, there is a long wining road around the island that goes up and down and up again and you can see the sea right next to you. It took just over an hour to get to the ship wreck and it stops you up on the road so you have to walk there by foot. It’s a good 10mins walk but the moment when you first set eyes on the ship… it’s incredible. As you walk towards it, it gets bigger and bigger and by the time you got to the mini beach, it gets enormous. It’s extremely rusty and broken into half but it doesn’t make it less incredible. As we got there we had a few people around but slowly slowly they all left and we could be ourselves. We sat down and just listened the waves and looked at this giant beauty. It was very peaceful and just amazing. When we decided to leave, it was just in time as we started to walk back up, we met lots of people who were heading down. We found the prefect time… I suggest you to do that too.

As we got back on the ATV, instead of turning left back on the road, we thought, why not check the very end of the island? 4mins drive and we found ourselves on a gorgeous beach with colours like nowhere else. The water had turquoise, green, different blues, it was beautiful. However, we were very time conscious so after taking a few photos, we headed back on the road towards Agia Anna. We got there just in time before the sun would have disappeared. The monastery is just above Agia Anna, we walked up there first. Unfortunately it was closed but it didn’t change it’s magnificent view from the monastery down the Aegean Sea. We spent a little time up there and then finally walked down to that gorgeous water, climbed on a rock and jumped into the great big blue. It was refreshing, amazing and unforgettable. Just wonderful. We played a bit in the water and got out just before the sun could have disappeared behind the mountains. We got our bags and walked back up. We haven’t eaten all day and we were very hungry but the little cafe didn’t have anything really, so we sucked it up and drive back to Aigiali. As soon as we arrived, we had the best gyros just in front of the bakery, bought some drinks and drove back 3mins away to watch the sunset, just the 2 of us. ☺️ It was a great ending to a fantastic day!!

Back in the hotel we weren’t rushing anywhere, we took our time. Poor Mieke got extremely sunburnt on her thighs so we had to do a yoghurt cure, since yoghurt has fat inside, it helps healing the burnt and dry skin. I called my family and by 8-8.30pm we went down to meet the girl. We only had drinks with Mieke as we weren’t hungry, Madeline had a salad. We had a nice 2 hours chat and then we all went back to the hotel. Before we went upstairs, we bought our last ferry ticket to Athens. It’s a very early one, leaves at 6.55am and it takes about 7-8hours to get to Athens. The ticket cost €36/person with Blue Star Ferries.

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