The first day in Gorontalo

I’m laying down in the middle of the living room,walls just being painted and having a very interesting and very tired conversation with my host Harry and a Swiss girl,Katherine. It’s 2am and we are so tired,we are just laughing about everything and anything. They are 2 crazy people and I think we just found each other as we are so similar. We understand each other’s jokes and I just feel we are long time friends. That’s one of the brilliant thing about travelling to different places. To meet different people,personalities,cultures…to understand how other ‘worlds’ work and just to discover other visions. I tell them stories and infos they’ve never heard about and vica versa. I learned that here having a girl is a very good thing here since the parents can ask money from the boy’s parents for the marriage. Which could be very unfortunate if the price is higher than they can accept. I also learned that to live in Switzerland is very very very expensive. I always knew that but Katherine pretty much confirmed that you can earn a good money but going anywhere or doing anything is pretty pricey. They learnt from me about quinine,which if you drink,mosquitos  won’t bite you as most malaria tablets contain quinine. It comes from a tree bark and you can find high amount in Tonic water. Cheers to your G&T 😊🥂🍹

But how we got here? Harry picked me up from the Gorontalo airport where I arrived absolutely knackered. He drove me back to his house where I met his whole family. His wife is the nicest,cutest person and his kids are very alive and sweet. I met momma,his mum and his brothers. We were just chatting away for hours before Katherine came out and joined. Katherine is a fantastic girl with a fantastic goal. She is doing the project about plastic awareness for the next 6 months. She does beach cleaning around here and she is setting up a projects where she wants to get the local community involved with teaching them the importance of clearing the plastic from beaches,oceans and any natural surroundings and just getting them do the right thing. She is a marine biologist which is just amazing.

Since I was pretty dead,I went to sleep at around 12pm and didn’t wake up till 5pm. I came out,got some lovely food from Mimi (Harry’s wife) and we are just sitting here and talking since. It’s 2.30am now and still talking about useless,funny,confusing things and also planning the next couple of days.

Harry is a tour guide since 1997 and he will join me and give me his insight on my 1 month trip where we visit the Togian islands, Gorontalo and Raja Ampat.

Lets do this!


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