That’s the one thing I really can’t handle. Waiting… sitting on the airport and hoping that your luggage will go through even though you know it’s way more than 7kg. Trying to find different type of tricks as how you can lower your weight but keep everything. Tricks I use: put heavy items in your pocket,batteries/chargers, phones… IPad,papers and liquid in your hand covered by a jumper so they think you just carry the jumper… sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn’t. But it mostly does.

Then you worry about your flight ticket…yes,you checked in online but will that be enough? And of course,lady stops you and says ‘it isn’t a boarding card’. You start to worry,maybe you have to go all the way back to immigration which you skipped with just changing a flight and since it’s a long process plus getting your boarding card at the counter.. you miss your flight.  But then big relief when lady says ‘I’ll print it out for you’. You take a deep breath and yes,winning!

Waiting…. definitely isn’t my friend. My best friend would laugh now since she always waits for me… now she might think reading these lines ‘she so deserves it. Why is she winging when she always lets me wait?’ But I feel it’s a different kind of wait. Sometimes the wait is as long as 8-10-15 hours… then you check Facebook and Instagram and your emails,maybe chat a little but due to the 8 hours difference it won’t take long either. So you check Facebook again,maybe something new came up and bummm! 15 mins gone,you still have circa 9.5 to kill… waiting isn’t fun. BUT! It’s worth it cos you know,at the end of that wait…it’s a hammock by the beach,it’s sunshine,it’s heat,it’s beauty and of course new experiences,new discoveries and a new chapter.

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