Back to reality – 14th May, 2017

This is the last story of SE Asia. It was a year ago but reading all the little stories, experiences, memories I wish I was back then. But hey! It’s the present we need to live in and I did travel a lot since. I have to tell you some about Ibiza, Turkey and Greece ☺️ Hope you’ll stay with me. 😊

14th May, 2017

And here I am,back to the UK, so this is my last journal. I probably don’t have to tell you how do I feel. I actually feel confused and a bit down. When I landed today, I left the plane and the whole thing was so surreal. To see ‘normal,modern’ people, the train,just everything. People were arguing and being inpatient…it wasn’t like this in Asia. People are kind,patient and helpful there. I travelled by train…there was no train there. Or it was for a very expensive price. So we used the cheap but very dodgy buses. Sitting on a ‘normal’ transportation? Strange…

Angeles city wasn’t anything special. In fact,I wouldn’t suggest anyone to go there. It isn’t dangerous but there is not much. We spent 2.5 days there doing basically nothing. There is a mall,called SM Mall. It does look like a proper mall,2levels,lots of shops, restaurants and even a cinema. But other than that…nothing. They charged us at the airport. 600 pesos/person to leave the airport. How thoughtful? ☺️

But I have to say,the most creative people are the ones with no money. I could see that almost in every SE Asian country. People need to be inventive and creative to create their daily money. That’s why they have their cool tricycle or jeepny, that’s why they have the great food stalls and seek almost anything on the street. My favourite is selling water for car drivers in the 50 degrees heat. And of course people are buying them. In Bali they even sell the mini flowers for their daily giving or just as a decoration in the car.

One thing you shouldn’t be surprised when you go to Asia. They have lots of rubbish. Everywhere. Especially in smaller villages. And they don’t seem to be bothered by it. At first I thought, ‘how can you let your environment let down so badly in such a beautiful place’? But later I understood. It’s down to education. We have the culture where even though we still litter, we know what it can cause and we wouldn’t leave hundreds or rubbish on the street. They don’t know, what they do. They don’t know the result of hundreds of tonnes of rubbish. They don’t have that education. So I think it’s important for us NOT to follow their example but LEAD by them. If you ever see rubbish pick them up. If you have rubbish keep it until you find a bin. Bin…this is the other big problem. They barely have any bins. Up by the volcanoes or by the beach…not even 1. If they’d have more bins,people would tent to put their rubbish in. Or they wouldn’t have as much excuses not to. Education is important even simple ones as not throwing rubbish on the floor. People in Asia want to be like us. Living in modern cities, being free, do whatever we want,earn money. People here want to be like them. We go and travel around their countries for their nature, culture for the things we don’t understand but we want to. Human always want what they don’t have. How strange is that? I have the modern,free world and I wouldn’t give my freedom for anything,yet I still go and travel where they don’t have this. Where they aren’t free,where they don’t have modern houses,lives. And when I came back to this…I felt strange.

Travelling around SE Asia was definitely eye opening and it was a great journey. We’ve met so many people saw their world with their eyes. Saw people,cultures changing,saw kids leaving their home to get what we have. To be free,to do what they want. We also saw people who would never give up their culture,their life for any ‘silly’ modern stuff or for the freedom which could make us just as ‘unfree’ as we think they are. We are locked in our little world,the world where we only looking at our phones, in a world where instead of talking,we text, where we watch tv instead of have a walk. We are trapped in our world. Are we really free? Are they really having such a bad life? They might be poor but they have the biggest thing you can’t buy. They have family and they have connections. Real human connections. The kids are playing on the streets. They play with sticks, in the paddles, with a tyre they just found…anything they get their hand on they find a way to play with. I saw people sitting outside their houses in groups playing cards or just simply talking. For hours.. No distractions,no phones,no technical stuff,just them…people. And yes,there are always,always exceptions. There are people from us who rather choose to walk and listen to the birds,who talk to people and actually listen,who would always find people and nature more important than objects. And there are people from them who want to have the technical stuff,who want to spend time on a phone or in front of the TV. But who tells us what free means?? If you are happy,like really happy,if you do whatever you really want to do,if you would die happy,without any regrets today if time would come… you are free.

Anyways…I went too deep. But that’s what these people bring out from me. If you ever have the chance,go visit Asia!!☺️

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