Kelimutu, a tranquil and beautiful place

Before you read this,I put an other one up from days before so if you only reading this and haven’t read about our mountain climbing to Gunung Inerie yet, I suggest to read that first. One thing is sure and people should know…internet in Flores is rubbish. I couldn’t join or use internet for days. One day I said, I’ll be here tomorrow and then 3 days nothing. People started to worry. Well,I’m fine just couldn’t use internet. Now, we are in Maumere and sitting in the middle of nowhere where we came by motorbike taxis. They had to drive all around to find one place we can use wifi. As it’s not in the centre, no one speaks English, they barely understood coffee…. she came with black coffee so I tried to explain her milk. She did understand it except 10 mins later sha walked out with 2 mugs of milk. Well that was the point we gave up and just drunk the warm milk..brrrr….. But how did we get here? Well, we arrived Moni 2 days ago. As soon as we got off the terrible public bus journey, there was a guy standing and he asked us if we have anywhere to stay. On the bus we met an Indonesian girl who was travelling as well so the 3 of us decided to stay in his homestay as it was cheap (150,000IDR/room) and also we were tired and had nothing else booked. His place was way out of the centre,it was basically in the middle of the jungle but it was very nice, he spoke a very good English, later 2 French guys joined so it was all jolly. Except there was no internet. We only spent a night there as the next morning we went up to see the lakes in Kelimutu. If you ever seen beautiful colours…it’s a very easy hike as there are steps leading up and it’s only a 10-15 mins walk to the first 2 lakes which in my opinion the best anyway. We climbed up the rocks and just sat there for a while. It was magical. People normally go up for sunrise but the lakes colour is the best when the sun is strong so 9-10am is perfect. When we got up about 8.30am, it was cloudy and I was a very not happy bunny. But by 9-9.30am it all cleared up and I was just standing there, waiting and it was amazing! One colour is really nice green while the one next to it was such a light blue,it was almost white. The reason why these lakes are special is because they change their colour. Depending on the oxygen level and also the time of the year. It can be different type of green and blue, also red and black. I wished to see the red but we didn’t. It can change within days,so maybe 1 day is green and a week later it can be red. Pretty cool,no? There is a 3rd lake but had a colour of a normal lake..nothing exciting but it can be different colours as well. We spent hours up there and after we went to see a really cool waterfall in the jungle. And guess who we run into inside the jungle being a bit lots…the 2 German guys from the boat. It was so funny. They got lost looking for the waterfall. We found it with a help of our guide and it’s a pretty impressive one. After the waterfall we said our goodbyes, got our staff and after an hour waiting for the bus, we finally were on our way here, to Maumere. We arrived about 1pm,also met a girl who we spent a night with in Bajawa, we had a good laugh and she went to her hostel. Our homestay is pretty nice,right next to the beach with internet. Well,it supposed to work but it doesn’t…

A couple of things which you need to know about here. 1st of all we were double silly, as we went up to Kelimutu during the weekend when all the locals are going as well and even worse, we went on a Sunday. Prices to go up are almost double to compare in a normal day. It normally cost 150,000IDR but on a Sunday it cost 255,000IDR/person. A rip off!!! But it is what it is. The other thing generally about Flores, foreign debit or credit cards don’t work. We had a very hard time in Bajawa trying to use 3 different cards to take money out but we couldn’t. We tried 4 different ATM’s until 1 finally worked an hour later. We thought it’s our card until we arrived here yesterday and tried with 6 different ATM’s, 2 different cards and nothing. One of the girl in the hostel said, her card doesn’t work either here. We weren’t happy as we literally had no money and we needed to pay for accommodation,taxi,food,etc. But some strange reason we could use one of the cards today. So make sure if you are coming to Flores, you have enough money. Otherwise it’s a great place. Not Maumere, there is literally NOTHING here, but Flores generally. ☺️ We are flying to Lombok tomorrow and then to the Philippines.

My opinion about Indonesia? The best,kindest,most helpful people we’ve met, they always try to help,nothing is too much for them,so patient and just kind people. Indonesia is amazing! And I haven’t even seen everything. It’s so much to see and we had so less time, I need to come back for a month just to Indonesia to see what I’ve missed. Sulawesi, some part of Flores, more Bali, Raja Ampat,so much… People don’t always speak in English but even so,they always try to help as much as they can. The only thing I wasn’t impressed by is the food. They don’t have such a good culture as Vietnam or Thailand. They mainly have rice and some meat. That’s it,not too exciting.

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