Secrets of the mangrove forest

Don’t forget, run to the mangroves in case of a tsunami. ☺️

‘Today we went for a magical tour into the mangrove forest.Our guide, Bedro was a great guy and his knowledge about his surroundings was amazing. I wish I knew half of what he knows.We were a group of 17 plus the guide and the boat driver. We went with one of those ‘speed’ boats but the very traditional looking one. As we went through the river, Bedro told us stories about monkeys, the mangrove how it groves, kites and eagles and all sort. First we went to a fish farm which they built for non divers to see what’s in the ocean. They had little sections and in one section they had lots of colourful coral fish, in the other they had giant fish, can’t remember the name of them. Then we saw giant sting rays and we could tap-tap them ☺️ then we saw very crazy hunter fish and also very lazy,massive sized predators. I could see a fairly big leopard shark as well in one of them but as quickly it came it also gone fast so I couldn’t really take a photo. Then we went to see the monkeys. They were special little monkeys as they swim and dive. And they came in the boat, we gave them watermelon and they were very friendly. Bedro told us how the new boss became boss and how he defeated the old one which is their favourite monkey and all the guides hope he gets stronger and beats the new boss so he can be the leader again. Apparently he is a very nice boss ☺️ He also told us that the fame monkeys only get 1 baby, they have 4-5 months pregnancy and they never have twins. They only give birth 1 time a year and their sexual act lasts 40 second. Boss has sex up to 50 times per day…. 😳😳😋 If the others want to mate they literally have to hit and run before boss sees it 😂😂 We also saw a python today which is apparently very rare. It wasn’t huge but Bedro said if it would be the big size, we would never go close as they get dangerous and can kill a man. But it was amazing to see a real python in its real habitat instead of a cage or an aquarium. As we went along,Bedro also showed us how mangrove trees grow which is difficult to explain as he literally took a young one out from the water and explained how it grows. He also showed that if we would ever get lost in a mangrove forest, we can eat the root and the long thing hanging from the tree. It has water inside and even though it’s in salty water, the salt never goes in as it filters the salt out and only absorbes the water. Very Important information, if you would ever get lost, eat only what monkeys eat. What they don’t touch, you shouldn’t either. Like the fruit of a mangrove tree. In case of a tsunami, you should run or swim inside the forest as the roots would block the big impact of the water. After this little story telling,we went to a bat cave where we saw thousands of miniature bats. Apparently there are thousands of different species in the world but they only categorise them into 2 groups. Fruit eaters and insect eaters. Every bat which looks like a dog or fox, so the nose is long and they are cute, they’d are all the fruit eaters and all the ugly looking bats with the pig looking nose, they are the insect eaters. The biggest bat is a fruit eater from Indonesia. Its about 1.5m Long from the 2 ends of its wings. The smallest bat is literally about 5cm long and it’s about 2g. It lives in Vietnam. We went through and saw the little ones and the cave stunk from them. We supposed to go out to the open ocean but the weather was very windy so we stayed on the river. We got a few more stories, had lunch and we headed back to the hostel. I wasn’t feeling well so I fell asleep and slept for a while.

Malaysia is a Muslim country and you can see this straight away. All the women are wearing chador,some of them only covers their head but some wears the full cover,only eyes can be seen. Malaysian language is probably the easiest we have heard or seen so far. Everything is actually written on a readable way. Not like Vietnamese writing or Cambodian when you literally can’t even read it, they write with normal letters. Also, some of them you can sort of guess what it could mean. Lots of things are written in English. So far every person we met or had to speak to,laundry, shop,restaurant,etc spoke fairly good English. They are very nice people,very helpful,very happy and smiley. They don’t stare at you even we,Westerners all wear tank tops and shorts, they don’t bother. I wouldn’t walk through in a bikini on the Main Street but I don’t feel uncomfortable in top and shorts.Food isn’t really typical. I mean they do have rice and noodles but here are lots of Indian, Turkish and Syrian restaurants. There are lots and lots of people from Turkey and Pakistan here. We will see how Kuala Lumpur will be. Generally very cheap, we spent 25 ringgit on our dinner with drinks today,it’s like £4.5.

Tomorrow we are going to see the cable car and then will leave at 17.30 to Kuala Lumpur. It’s gonna be a long trip so we travel overnight.’

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