Island hopping

Again, great memories, great places. I wish everyone could see these beautiful places before they all be ruined by mass tourism. I mean Maya Bay was amazing but way overcrowded.

‘Today I’m writing from Krabi and it’s gonna be an email of 2 days. As I said in my last letter,we went for a trip yesterday.Its not much to tell apart from that it was a snorkelling trip, we stopped at 4 different islands, one was more beautiful than the other, they just all looked very Paradise looking islands. The best was the last stop which was in shark bay. Yes, they call it that because you can meet sharks there. And we did. There are plenty of blacktop coral sharks. At first we jumped into the waiving see. The tour guide said, whoever wants to see shark should follow him. We were under water for a while when we came up and he said, has anyone seen it? Some of them said yes and I said, no. So he sent the rest away and we swam until I saw them. 3 of them,swimming on the bottom, between the corals. It was amazing. I was swimming in the ocean with sharks…freely. And I wasn’t afraid. Simply cos people wouldn’t come here if every time when a group comes here, there would bean attack. And I felt, it’s gonna be ok. After I saw it, I had about 20 left in the water so I swam by myself, far from the others. And as I was going back to the boat, I saw 3 more, 1 was literally swimming below me. Incredible ☺️ I wanted to see turtles too but couldn’t see any. When we got out, the guy said, normally the water is clam and we can see for miles. As it was very wavy, it wasn’t that clear. Also as the water wasn’t calm, the sharks didn’t just stay on the bottom as normal,they were swimming around so it was harder to see them.

After we finished, we went back to the main pier,spent about 3 hours there until we could go on the ferry which brought us here. The ferry was a proper car ferry but it was also a sleeping ferry with 1 bed per each person. So we actually got some sleep on the 8 hours ferry. Arrived at 5am today morning, we took a mini bus which took us to Krabi. The hostel (£6/night) was literally 8mins walk from where the bus dropped us off,so we walked but unfortunately we couldn’t check in till 1pm. It was 10am…. very long wait. We went to have a few drinks and checked where to go next. Our original plan was to go and spend 3days,2 nights in Koh Phi Phi island but all accommodation is expensive. I mean,it’s actually ok,if you are coming just for a holiday. But as a backpacker when we have a daily limit, £20-25/night isn’t the cheapest one. So we decided to take a 1 day tour to Phi Phi and also to Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ was filmed. It also goes onto 2 more islands so again,I can snorkel (as Rich doesn’t do that). We bought a ticket for 850baht/person + 400baht national park entry fee. The other idea was that we continue going down South and we probably will stay on an other small island just right next to Malaysia, called Koh Lipe. From there we can cross to Malaysia.

We then went for a walk,slept 3 hours and went back again. Checked the night market, ate some great street food (for only 50baht/person) and had a nice banana and Oreo shake (35baht) ☺️. So far we aren’t impressed by Krabi people. 3 out of 6 we talked were extremely rude. I actually had to leave one of the tour office before I have said something bad to the guy. But there are very sweet people too which make up for all the idiots. 😁 So tomorrow,island hopping,I’ll write about that too.’

photos are on media

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