Hello, I’m sorry I disappeared, I’m spending some in Italy which I’m gonna write about as soon as I’m back. But now, here are some knowledge about Beijing from last year ☺️

*I decided, I’m not writing about today as we really didn’t do too much apart from walking around the city really.

However, I also decided to give some information about Beijing, China, the people, prices, etc. In case someone wants to come here. I will also add the lovely scorpion and bug photos from the market.

Where she’ll I start? Let’s write about the people a bit. My very first meeting with the local Chinese people was a really indecisive moment. On the plane they were really pushy, a bit loud and how they eat….. then I landed and I went to a so called ‘tourist information’ just to double check if my plan of getting to the hostel is the best one. They didn’t really speak too good English and apart from telling me to take a taxi,she didn’t even know where the place was I was going to go. She checked on the internet then suggested, take their taxi. So said thank you and left to find my shuttle. On the bus I was the last one and people were just pushing each other as you would think in an over crowded city. I still didn’t want to judge… the streets are well marked, the underground lines are easy to get around.

When I arrived to the place we live I bought burgers from a KFC I found as I was starving and having just arrived, I didn’t know what else to get and where. In the KFC NOTHING was in English (and as I found out later, none of these fast food restaurants have) and there were no pictures on the wall as we normally have. So I got a piece of laminated picture and I picked 2 burgers looked familiar and I just showed them to the chips as there was no picture. The woman nodded then tried to ask if the burger should be spicy. It took about 5minutes, she tried to explain what she wanted to ask, then finally a guy said ‘spicy’ very angrily. I think both of them got a bit annoyed with me…

Generally speaking in the last couple of days…. people here don’t care about others, don’t really smile back (don’t even smile a lot), very dirty but not as they are dirty, more like they leave their environment dirty. Funny enough, the streets are extremely clean.. for me Chinese seem to be a bit rude, careless, pushy but I don’t blame them as that might be their normal behaviour. We also met with a few ones who were extremely helpful, kind and smiley ☺️ We’ve got lots of stares but I think it’s more for the fact it’s winter here, which mean low season and in all honesty, we haven’t seen too many ‘western’ faces around.

About Beijing… can’t tell you a lot, we mainly stayed around the centre here, tomorrow we will go to the zoo and probably can tell more. As I said, it’s very clean but also very hectic. Red light here doesn’t mean anything, people still drive through the red light and just honk at the people who try to cross in green. It’s just crazy. Not even one point I felt unsafe here (apart from crazy drivers) which might be different during peak season but now, we feel as we would be in any other cities in the U.K. Anything can happen, but not overly dangerous…

There are shops everywhere… lots of shops which sell all the same Chinese stuff and lots and lots of sweet shops. Nope…I haven’t been in any. Decided not to eat sweets in this 3 months ☺️ Will see how will it work. (It didn’t work 😁)

About prices:

Let’s start with, £1 = CN ¥8.61 (Chinese yuan)

The Great Wall cost ¥280/ person. Breakfast, lunch, transfer and entrance fee (¥40) included.

Food wise,for dinner in the hostel restaurant we spent about ¥70 (1x fried rice, 1x noodles plus 8x dumplings) + lunch cost ¥36 (2x bowls of rice, 1x sweet and sour pork) A bowl of sticky rice is ¥2.

We bought fruits today, that was expensive -to compare to the dinner price-, ¥41 (4x kiwis, 2x oranges, 2x papples)

Coffee cost about ¥19 (from McDonalds as nowhere else you can find a proper coffee)

I think I wrote down how much my trip was from the airport but if not, train from one terminal to the others where the metro line was cost ¥25, the metro cost 2x ¥3 as I had to change line once.

We are going to the zoo tomorrow which is ¥10/person but only because it’s low season ( it’s ¥15 for peak) plus ¥5 for the pandas 🐼

About hostel prices I can’t say much as we stayed in the same hostel where 1 day cost ¥280/ room.

As I’ve mentioned previously, flight tickets from China AREN’T cheap… to go to Burma we fly with Thai airlines and it cost about £200/person and the visa cost 50USD (~£40) but I’m sure there will be a stamping cost as well on the airport. Flying out from China to anywhere seems to be very expensive…

Today we could see the smog people talking about but it didn’t cause any breathing problem for us. I’m sure during the summer it’s much worse.

I got a bit of cold from yesterday’s jacket on and off somI was constantly sneezing and had runny and blocked nose. Hope the nice warm in Burma will help.

Any of you have any more questions about China, Beijing or anything else, just email me here.*


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