Leaving the beautiful Bun island

Well, what the day brought it’s a different story but the night definitely brought rain. So we did have to sort of decide within a good 10mins what we are going to do for the 3 of us. We basically slept vertically to the tent. All 3 of us. And believe me, it wasn’t a fun experience. Luggage all around us and we were like sardines. I don’t think any of us got a good sleep.
We actually got up fairly early (maybe the non-existent sleep helped) and I just got out from the tent when I heard a big splash. Katherine started her day with a good swim from the jetty. That’s a way to start a day ☺️ For the afternoon we decided to set up a day camp on the beach under the trees as the jetty has no shade and from 11am it’s boiling hot. We took food, our electronics and swimming/snorkelling gear and went to the beach. We made some noodles for lunch and put sun cream on so we couldn’t go into the sea just yet. Katherine and Harry decided to use this time for a good old siesta. I couldn’t sleep. It was so hot and the beautiful scenery…. I was pretty much walking around, watching the fish jumping out from the water. When Katherine woke up, we got our gear on and went for snorkelling. I don’t think alive ever snorkelled this much within a week or 2. It’s almost twice a day now. I even learnt to use fins which I didn’t like before cos I felt awkward in them but now I know it helps a lot when you need to swim against the current. We went to see some nice corals but it wasn’t actually breathtaking or amazing. We spent a good hour in the sea looking at little animals and tried to find some bigger creatures. We then went back to the jetty with all of your stuff. It’s so funny how as soon as the sun goes down we just lay on the jetty, watching the stars and talk about basically everything. No stress, no problems, no achievable targets, no noise or light pollution, just us and nature. We laugh, we have a good time and that’s all this is about. We didn’t actually have food, we just fell asleep under the stars. It was a beautiful night, little windy but nothing major, clear sky and quarter of a moonlight. That was until I woke up at about 4am seeing lightening and a massive, black cloud closing in on us. I woke the others that we should really go into the tent. It suddenly started to be very windy, we packed all our stuff away and it started to rain. By the time all 3 of us got into the tent, it was really raining. This time we were smarter. Even Harry actually put his hammock under the jetty in case of rain -well, not this sort of rain-, we still put all of our bags under the outer tent -the waterproof one- and so we could all sleep in the inner tent. Well, that’s what we thought. But it turned out that the inner tent wasn’t enough for 3 of us. By this time it was absolutely pouring down and the wind almost took us with the tent. I could see lightening and I was seriously worried that we are going to get hit as we are pretty much on the see and the tent has a metal pole in… We sort of got how we are going to sleep but I couldn’t fall asleep until the rain was gone as I was worried if the tent is going to hold in this rain, if it’s waterproof enough, if the wind won’t take the outer tent away as it was so strong and of course about the lightening.
As soon as it stopped -took a good hour-, Harry left the tent to sleep in his hammock and we,girls slept till about 9am. My back was absolutely killing me, no matter what position I tried to sleep in it wasn’t good enough. We discovered that our bags got wet on the bottom as the water was coming into the outer tent so we had to unpack and dry all of our stuff in it. That wasn’t a pleasant discovery.. We actually decided the previous day that we are going to swim to a little island which is just in front of us. We thought it takes roughly and hour to swim there depending on the current. Today was the big day. We also agreed with Melki to pick us up at about 2pm. We knew we have to do it before he comes so after breakfast Katherine checked the current. It seemed a bit strong and we were a bit concerned that we will get tired and won’t be able to swim back. Luckily Melki arrived earlier than expected and we knew even if we can’t make it, he can pick us up in the middle of the sea. So we went. It actually took us about 20 mins to swim there. We saw a bit of a coral in the beginning but we pretty much swam into the blue, dark sea where we could see nothing more than thousands of planktons. As we got closer to the island, we saw some more corals, lots of them were already dead but nothing majorly exciting. We got on the island, had a little wonder around the mangroves (lots and lots) and by the time we got back from wondering, Melki was there with his boat. But I wasn’t ready for an easy ride, I wanted more swimming. So I asked Katherine if she is ok to swim back and we asked Melki to stay around in case we get tired swimming against the current. We made it.. took a bit but safely made it back. Had some more noodles and packed our stuff ready to leave onto the next and last island,Kri. On the way here we actually stopped on Gam island to see a little village. We bought some more food and walked around. As we reached Kri, we weren’t sure where to camp. The thing is, one side of Kri is full of with homestays and there are 2 dive centres and the other side has nothing but we soon found out why. Since that side is the open sea and the current goes that way, the waves are so strong, we found a beach but it was no way we could have stayed there. The waves were so strong, we were worried, we will be washed out them overnight. Since all the beaches on Kri are owned by homestays and that means we would have had to pay, we decided to check out a very little island just in front of Kri.

Pulau Roti:

So on the map you have this mini island, Kri and then Monsoire. This mini island has a little beach, and it was perfect for the 4 of us. We set up our camp and started to make some food. I made rice and some very nice lentils and Katherine made flat bread from flour and water. We chopped some garlic, put them into oil and then just put them on the top of each flatbread. I don’t think I have eaten so much since I’m here. It was amazing. Now I’m sitting on this tiny beach, everybody is already asleep or trying to sleep, Harry on the boat, Melki next to our tent and us inside. It’s so beautiful, so peaceful, I literally only hear the waves, nothing else. Snorkelling will be a bit tricky since the current is so strong, if we won’t be careful, it will take us to the open sea.. but that’s an other day’s enigma, we will figure that out when it comes to it. Katherine wants to dive, so she might goes to a dive centre tomorrow and asks about prices and if she can do it on the last morning, just before we leave.
For now I’m enjoying the peace, the quiet, the waves and the clear sky with millions of stars and a half moon.

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