Out and about

It was raining for 2 days. It happens. Often. But normally it pours down and stops 10-15mins later. But not yesterday. It didn’t stop. So I slept until I could. The plan that we go to the beach didn’t work so we spent more time talking. It’s strange how much people can talk about when there is no phone,iPad,or any other technical gadget interrupts. You actually really get to know people and their stories. Well,they know mine,it’s my turn to learn theirs.

Today the weather for better so we actually went out. We visited Harry’s old village,met lovely people,had some real coconut from the tree and again…continued to get to know them. Harry told us a lot about how he grew up here and it’s a beautiful place. Plantations all around and green… looking at his kids today just to play with whatever they found (water in this case) I can imagine him playing the same way. I like how kids can be real kids around here. They are creative,lively and very playful. I wish my kids would grow up like this. Without the interruption and addiction of video games,phones and whatever else. On the other hand education isn’t strong enough which they could improve on. Aryan,the eldest (7years old) is my favourite! He creates so much things. He does DIY and then plays with them. He folds papers and he made a windmill today. The one we have at home and it’s colourful,except it was made out of paper and it’s amazing. He does things like that. But then he isn’t fond of school which could help him improve his knowledge. That’s  of course if he would get the proper education here. I hope one day these amazing kids will see and learn as much as they need to decide what they want to do in their lives without someone else deciding it for them. I’m sure then,they will do great things.

Tonight we are going to Togian islands by ferry. Ticket cost IDR 72,000/middle class plus IDR 10,000 for a mattress. There are 3 classes economy for 63,000 which comes with nothing just a place to be on the ferry, middle class for 72,000 which includes a long table where we can sleep and that’s exludinh the mattress and finally we have the business class for 89,000 and that’s a room with air con and chair you can sleep on. You also have cabins for 4 people and that cost 500,000. Just to be clear £1 = approx. IDR 18,000 Food we bought yesterday was rice and fried egg for IDR 5,000. But you can get bigger size for 10,000. There won’t be internet so all the journals will be uploaded when I’m back from Togian.

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